Principal's Message

Professional education for the hospitality industry is quite unique an endeavour. We have to respond to the job aspirations of a large number of students and at the same time, inculcate in them a genuine service orientation. Transforming the overall personality, providing the best of learning resources and imparting continuously evolving information that is appropriate for a technology-intensive work place, are the three main responsibilities entrusted upon us. Teaching adult learners is a specialist's job and if these learners also happen to come from economically deprived sections of the society, the handling of the emotional complexities require an intense focus and unshakeable patience.

We at IHM Hajipur are proud of our contribution to the society and feel enormously grateful as we see a number of reticent and diffident students of yesteryears transform themselves into the global citizens who are capable of handling customers of all hues and temperament.

We are committed to bring out the best in our learners as well as their trainers by ensuring quality infrastructure, supportive environment and a freedom to pursue their career and interest, at their chosen pace and in their own unique style.

Sumit Chatterjee