IHM Hajipur provides consultancy services and training to a number of institutions, both government and private, to bring in a change in the food service experience in the state. Our experienced faculty members share their expertise in giving a new shape to improve the dining styles and bring in a major revolution in the dining habits of the people of the state.


IHM Hajipur provides consultancy services to various companies in the state where the expertise of the faculty members are hired to bring in a major change in the dining style and modernizing food service operations. Presently we are in a process of giving a fine dining experience to the entire team at The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Barauni, India’s first refinery, where we are renovating their 6000 sq. ft. kitchen and restaurant to give a new look by redesigning the entire operation. We are also planning their menu to ensure that all at IOCL gets nutritious food in the most hygienic conditions at no extra cost.


This is a unique programme conducted by the institute where IHM Hajipur is proud to train 119 local tourist guides in association with the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) to make these guides more competent to deliver their services not only to the domestic traveler but also to the international tourists visiting the state.


The institute is proud to conduct a week long training to impart the necessary skills to those who are already employed in various food service operations without any formal training in this field. The training is designed in a manner where the basic necessary skills are imparted to these employed professionals that are required in the hospitality industry. Hundreds of waiters and cooks have undergone this training who are engaged in various hospitality operations in the state like hotels, restaurants, canteens and other food service operations.